Thursday, 25 November 2010

Current Deals on my Red Bubble Site

Okay so I posted previously about 20% all items printed on white until the 25th of December. Now there is a 15% of all other colours until Monday.

This includes all my best sellers and on all types of garmets.

Visit Here and have a look around.


Monday, 22 November 2010

Doodle - New T Shirt Idea (Part II)

So a few weeks ago I posted the birthing of an idea for a new design. The initial design was like this...

I have worked on it and here is the pre ink and colour version. Note added treasure, anchor, fixed sails, added mermaid, etc. ;)

Keep your eyes peeled for another update. I forsee it being on Tshirts come the end of the month. Check back here or check my shop over at

Thursday, 18 November 2010


If you head over to my red bubble store you have currently enjoy a 20% discount on all items printed White. Call it a White Christmas discount. That means all short sleeved Tshirts will be less than £15 and all Hoodies will be less than £25. And, if that wasn't good enough, if you buy 4 items you get FREE shipping.

No Codes required. Just select the colour white when ordering to receive a 20% discount on the relevant item.

Some of the items available are shown below. Click the Item name to view the item in my shop!.

Dawn of the Fett - l/s Tshirt (Available as a back print and front/back printed Hoodie)

Night of the Living Sith - s/s Tshirt (Available as a back print and front/back printed Hoodie)

Maul Facepaint Hoodie (Available as a front print and front/back printed Tshirt)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Doodle - New T Shirt Idea

Started doodling the other night while processing some work on my laptop. Came up with this! Going to work on it to add more detail and a bit more character.

Keep your eyes peeled. Should be available on T Shirts and Hoodies when it's finished.

Also check my site for framed prints of some of my digital artwork. Here