Thursday, 18 April 2013


That is the design away to the printers. The £10 offer is over, but you can still get a hold of it for £15.
Postage in the UK is free, but other non-UK buyers will have to pay...each non-UK order will have a choice of postage choices.

If you are interested email or pop over to our facebook page and drop us a message with your desired size and a contact address to send the invoice to. :)

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

All work and no play makes Mik a dull boy

So I have been working hard at my bread and butter job making sure I can pay the bills (ensuring a warm, dry place for my and my son to sleep). But in doing so I have been neglecting my artwork and other projects.

Well I have now come to the conclusion I need to prioritize a little more time for the "fun stuff".

Currently I am in talks with a company in America (Chi Rho Clothing) to supply a design similar to those I have done for SOTX Clothing. This would end up being a collaboration piece, but would, as an end result see me getting yet another two in America.

On the subject of SOTX Clothing. There is currently a wee campaign up on indiegogo to raise £500 towards printing costs to get all 3 designs printed and out there in the public.

You can find the campaign page here.... Please share if you can't donate (Please note you get free stuff if you donate ;) )