Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Draw - Ahhh! Brains (Bisto Parody) - Part 1

I have been working on a little Parody of an old Bisto advert involving, you guessed it, Zombies.

This is the first full design based on the original that you can find here. I have added some of the concept sketches at the bottom that I doodled while at work.

From here I began further development of the Brains based on the Bisto text used in the advert. From the basic outline in the above image and the sketches included I hope you can see the development process.

Here is the first inked version of the design. As you can see no shading has been done and only the outline is complete. I think it gives the design a bit more life.

With the text in mind may still change the R as I am not too sure about its final shape, but we'll see what it looks like when I put it all together and begin colouring. It may look better then.

Once I have began the colouring process I will add more scans and hopefully we will have a finished design in the coming weeks.

The Sketches that really started it all.

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