Friday, 17 May 2013

Monster-A-GoGo - Bmovies and Bombshells (Part 2)

So I have been really busy this time. The Bmovies and Bombshells night last year was a success and this year it seems that Monster-A-GoGo are trying to outdo themselves. In their efforts to do so I have upped my own game to give the most I can visually.

Having a thing for some of the classic Bmovies I decided to pull from the vast array of movie posters out there. You saw the one I based on the Piranha movie that I posted earlier in the week in my first Bmovies and Bombshells post.

SO without further ado here is the next poster in the set (I am aiming to have between 4 or 5 final posters ;) ) . This one draws from the classic Ed Wood movie "Plan 9 From Outerspace". Hope you like it.

Also if you are interested in attending this event or any of the other Monster-A-GoGo events then hit up and keep yourself up to date.

You can also get tickets here:

Finally. If this isn't your thing, there are other events being run by the people that bring you Monster-A-GoGo. Head on over to A-GoGo Events Presents to see what else they are up to.

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