Sunday, 30 January 2011

Draw - Throne o' Diablo T Shirt Concept

I am friends with the lovely lads in the band Throne o' Diablo and truly enjoy the music they produce. So while listening to them and messing around with my pencils, a while back, I got the idea of a "T Shirt of Terror". I decided from here that I would draw up a T Shirt for the band.

The one image that kept reoccurring was the idea of having something sharp stuck into my eye. From there I got the idea of having my eyeball actually tattooed. Give them a listen by clicking their name and you may get your own inspiration.

This is the work in progress images taken with my phone when I was working on them. I will post the final T Shirt design once I get a minute to redraw and ink it ;)


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    1. Thanks for the support! Keep Checking back for more info and spreading the word :)